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Just your friendly local birth worker and reproductive justice warrior!

Hello and Land Back!


My name is Lovely and I am honored to work with birthing people and babies. I am a Full-spectrum Doula. I am a DONA trained Birth Doula. I also volunteer as a PALS (Philadelphia Alliance of Labor Support) Doula. I practice as a postpartum, abortion, and LGBTQIA+ inclusive birth worker. 

I fell into Doulahood through a search for answers -  while in my Public Health and Nutrition class I wanted to know why breast/chest feeding rates were so low amongst Black Americans, and I stumbled upon the plethora of research about Black womxn and child mortality and morbidity rates. Soon after I asked my Mama and multiple family members what their births were like and themes of trauma and lack of support before, during, AND after were ever present. 

This was my call to action.

If the simple presence of a labor support professional throughout the entirety of the birthing process could lead to much better birth outcomes - why doesn't every birthing person have a Doula?

The true mission is a Doula for every birthing person! 

I am committed to empathetic and inclusive community care. 

My top values are: empathy, community, and people over profit (always). 

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             IG: lovelythedoula

To inquire about services, rates, birth philosophy, and scope of practice email or call! 

Contact me:

+1 302.353.7947

** I use the terms "Doula" and "Birth worker" interchangeably.**


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What is a Doula?

This is the DONA International definition. I personally believe birth has no gender and I respect all birthing persons pronouns.